Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Couldnt it get any worst???

Could it really get any worst than this??? So today was an awesome day! I was driving the girls to there class, waiting at the light. All of a sudden looked around and told the girls...

"Wow, someones car sounds really bad. "Pause" HOLY CRAP!! its us!"

As I check around for on coming traffic I joult across the turning lane, whip thourgh a red light turn to my right, pin the gas.....dart across two lanes of traffic and into a no enter lane. Were we came upon our final resting place and I hear a BIG cathud!

Call my love, tell him what had happen. Snap a picture of what Im seeing under my poor Jeep....

My phone rings, he tells me that is not a great thing to loose. So we wait for someone to help us out.

Now to make a long story short, I had Dars mother drive the girls home and as I was driving home I got hit in my newly fixed Jeep.... needless to say it is now totaled out and waiting to be brought back....... till then