Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last day of summer

Bitter sweet day

The last day I get to spend with my kiddos and the last day before I can regain my sanity, lol.

I'll miss having them around, but at least I won't be listening to all the whining and tattles of each other. I also have a new job that I really get to get lost in more so when they return to school.

Safety first on golf cart rides. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

I think we're back.......

So I think we are back in business of writing!?!?

We moved and had no computer for the longest of time, the. I got everything going, and said computer took a crap I blame old cables. Anyways never found the time to get them replaced just kept living day to day with what was needed to be done. 

Then one day I got the blogger app and it was pointless. I mean it let me write post and that was about it. I couldn't upload any pictures. Let's face it, if you know me I love my pictures. 

So months had passed and yesterday I had decided to re download the blogger app. Presto! 

Now here we are. 😊 so I can't wait to start writing all over again.