Friday, November 14, 2014

Taking advantage of the wonderful weather in November

Dropped Dalila off at school this morning. Chloe and I decided that it would be a good day to see if it was a burn day. Turned out that it was! So onto the fun. We had a good handful of piles to take care of. We managed to get everything burnt down right in time to just, jump into the Jeep and take off to pick Dalila up.

Then we took advantage the next day also. This fire was a bit of a turd. First off it stole my rake,  I had contemplated on just letting it have it. Then I changed my mind and figured I better save it. Damn it was a hot mess and hot getting that rake back. Then the aftermath of it all hot and smoking. Im glad I saved it. I later learned that it was grandpas dads rake. So man this thing has been in the family quite a while. Glad I saved it, and its just a little charred   :)

Also side note walked around the new property and found some really pretty in person rocks.