Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend situations....

I may not have school smarts, but I sure am handy to have in real world situations. I have a lot of useless knowledge and I'm not afraid to ask for help when needed. Or for Dars sake that I don't hurt myself. Its nice to know he still cares about me even though he may not say it everyday. lol

So I new that Dar likes to use fire to put tires back on rims, but I new there was another way. I just couldn't remember. Well a friend from high school told me and I was like tada that's right!!

So there we go and I was back in business and started mowing the field down. It was a very accomplished day. Good bye poison oak ( and I know just by mowing its not gone, but at least its not 3 feet high and a twiggy jungle).
Then on Sunday I sold my mama goat and I wasn't completely ready, I thought I was with the kids I really wasn't though. It was a bit of a mess, I wont lie lol. They barreled threw the chicken coop door which isn't strong for goats. I didn't get a chance to build a door for the goat house due to the lumber yard being closed. So I had to get crafty. These little girls where limber they climb under the fence everyday. So I grabbed the truck and this is what I came up with. Works great too.
 I had acquired old poles and this is what I had left so I grabbed one of the longer ones and backed the truck up and tied it to the hitch. Then off we went.

Then I re-centered it so that I could back it down a fairly good size hill. I really didn't want to get ran over by a pole if it slipped and got away from me......well guess what I left a little slack in the ring around the pole so that it could move without getting tangled around it self. It didn't work it took its self down to the run for me... Ooops


Re-strapped it up and moved it into place. Perfect! I wonder what other situations I can get myself into before today is over. lol. Have a great Monday tomorrow!!





Thursday, January 8, 2015

Where do I begin, its been so long.

So much has happened in a year, its crazy. We have moved, we have a new garden that's still working, we have MANY new animals added to our farm. We have had deaths of our loved ones and many of our fur babies have passed. We have a kindergarten amongst us who is all angel at school and very dramatic at home.

There is never a dull a moment in this household. Always finding ways to keep myself going and busy. With in hand maintaining our life style of trying to eat what we grow and buy what we may need.

We gave goats milk a try, it was good and different at the same time. I think for a first timer I shouldn't have gotten a stubborn mama who wants nothing to do with being milked. Lesson learned will know next time to buy someone who doesn't mind. lol

 I didn't make any real new years resolutions, except to just life my everyday life to the fullest with no regrets and be the happiest I can be for my girls and I.