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But here's a little for now.....

I always had this dream in high school, but who doesn't. Always wanting our life to be a certain way. Getting anything and everything we always wanted. Though for few of us how often does this really happen. I hope for a lot of people they receive nothing less of there dream.

I will be honest and say that mine didn't go according to plan, there have been a few bumps and snags along the way. I wouldn't change it for anything, when I really start thinking back on it all. I really have had my dream. I remember making a list sitting in  my bed one day of everything I would have in my future . A few things that consisted on that list where:

  • A Cabin
  • A Jeep Rubicon
  • A Chevy Silverado *baby blue*
  • 2 Great Danes, and a Husky
  • Beautiful children
  • Working for myself
  • Lots and lots of toys! *snowboards, wakeboards, a boat, 4 wheelers, dirtbikes, etc.*
For the most part I have my list, there somethings that are missing, and or not the exact item. But I'm happy and I'm going to continue to make my list a reality. I will teach my girls that life is nothing short of what you want it to be. You WILL have to work hard, nothing will be handed to you in life.

I wont lie I had a different dream but it was completely crushed.....

So I picked up and started a New dream, and I have been with my dream now for over half a decade <3

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