Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My evenings

I really enjoy my evenings lately. I don't know if it just comes with age or what, but there is just something about evening time. The one thing that I could do without is Mosquitos. Yup they could all fall off the earth. 

I consider my evenings to start when the girls go to bed, I call it mommy time. I NEED this time. I love my children, don't get me wrong. I just really enjoy being able to do something's and not worry about what there up too. So at 7p.m on the dot it's all about me. 

Depending on what I'm all ready wearing I usually change into something that is a little more mosquito proof. 

I love my comfy clothes! Oh and dont forget the shit kickers!

So first we start with April, she can be a turd. If I don't feed her first she follows me around biting the fish food out of the pond, or licking up the chicken feed off the dirt run. Shell also devour Harley's cat dish as well. See I told you she is a turd. Thought she is one lively doggie. 

Now off to the coop where my "other kids" come running up to me. They free range ALL DAY, so you think they would be full. They'll prove you wrong. The minute they see me with there bucket, it's all over. 
As for Harley poor guy has to wait till April goes to bed for the night. There weird together they could be laying right next to each other buying poor Harley comes walking across the field, April will go chasing him away. So Harley got smart and waits. Then goes and eats on the deck. The safe zone. 

Then last, though certainly not least you have my good ole buddy Mr. Jumpsalot. This little guy is going to be 1 year old this coming June. I cant believe that we have had him this long already. He is super spoiled, he gets fresh veggies and fruits and whatever else his little bunny body will let him eat. Hes so in love with his fresh food, that I kid you not I will put some pellets in his bowl just because Im trying to get rid of his bag of pellets. He will straight up hop over to his bowl and tip it OVER! True story. lol . His new home has like a built in potty screen on the floor. He will even go to the extreme and push his bowl over to it and then flip it and everything will go down. He doesnt use the potty screen thing, because one of the first things I taught him was to use his litter box.

Well I think I have covered everyone for my evening to myself. The only other thing that I do is water my gardens, and my flower beds. Then grab a bottled water and sometimes a good book, and then hit the sack.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Family Day.....

I love when my hunny just has a random bug to just GO somewhere. I live for moments that are unplanned. He doesn't like surprises so much so this rarely happens in our household. Its who I am though, for instant I really just enjoy packing up and moving or even talking a 12 hour car ride to somewhere.

I'm a hott mess of unplanned thoughts and destinations. True story, and this is his biggest peeve of me.

So anyways happy story we decided to take the girls to Fresno Dome. I have never been either so I was pretty excited to see something new and take lots of pictures of the girls, and him. Maybe even get a pic of me which RARELY happens. ha ha.

This was pretty cool, I had never seen this before. Dar said that it is an old wood dryer.

Fresno Dome :)

I love going up to the high country, because it is always green up there. Where I come from its always green so it makes me happy. Here in mid June everything is brown and dead. :(

Of course as always there is no picture of me..... maybe next time.