Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scratch Whole Wheat Bread

I have had this whole new window open up for my 2012 year. I am taking full advantage of everything and everyday. I have made some BIG life changes and I hope that my daughters our taking note. I mean they are taking a BIG interest and wanting to help me so, I think were doing good. The other day I was flipping threw my cookbook wanting to make something. I decided that we go through sooo much bread I wonder how hard it would be to make it. Lucky me I had a lot of what was needed all ready on hand. I don't know if its just me, but I sometimes go threw the store and grab random baking things....... like the other month whole wheat flour. Came in handy so perfect!

So I can say that the process was really a whole lot easier than I had thought. I really enjoyed it too. The Mr. even chose it over the store bread so that made me feel good. I think I will be making more every week. :)

The supplies

I'm guessing my looking through my album I must have some reason for not having any in between photos, lol. So I leave you with this:

TaDa!!! The amazing Whole Wheat Bread.

It was super delicious and yummy. Im giving recipe props to Better Homes & Garden the New Cook Book, :) Enjoy!

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