Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mr. Jumpsalot Got New Digs

Spoiled Rotten!!! That's a good word for him, lol. Love him to pieces though.

We have had Mr. Jumpsalot (a.k.a. Jumpsy) Since June 2012 and the other day he finally bit me that little stinker. Though if you ask me I'll just tell you that it was a "love bite". So we were expecting new baby chicks, hints for the reason Jumpsy got amazing new digs and things to go along with it. I bought him a little bed that I wasn't sure he would even use. To my surprise as soon as I put it in there he was all about it!

 I have to also admit that it looks so much NICER, that what was there..... his other home had charm but it was time for an upgrade. He is my only little buddy, its nice that Dar has another "male" in the house. :)

                                                      Little goof ball was laying all cute.

 He'll tell you other wise, but he loves his little ladies. There his BIGGEST fans. He loves to cuddle.

We were having a photo opt moment. This is a very rare occasion. He never sits still long enough. 

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