Sunday, February 24, 2013

Swing Set Build Off!

So the time has finally come! Hurray, Yippee Skippie, Gnar, and everything in between! lol. OK so I'm a BIG kid at heart. The girls are getting there first swing set, and that is a big deal I think. Well I wanted something big ,wooden, amazing, sandbox, and the whole nine yards. We decided that it wasn't going to happen just yet. If we build something that amazing its going to be somewhere permanent. Meaning were buying that house and not moving ever, so were not moving that someday massive swing set! SO I decided that I was going to find a swing set that matched mine as a child. Wouldn't you know they still make them! Cray cray right, lol. Everything is pretty much the same with one exception mine was blue and theres is red.

Even funnier my little brother came out to visit and he was like " Umm sis?? Is this our old swing set??"
Me " Umm Yeah :) "

My lovelies were super excited to help, that they ran off with probably every part more than once. I was one mama that thought this would never end, what did I get myself into, and holy crap I'm going to lose my mind if they disappear with one more bolt!

Finally got them to sit still with a little snack bribery. Chocolate milk anyone??

Here it is! I am also proud to say it hasn't fallen down yet, lol! You can find it here ~~> Flexible Flyer Swing Set

Such a happy little lovelies.

I even had my faithful side kick Zeta chicken, standing next to me the whole time I put this together. I swear she thinks she a dog sometimes. She so loyal, but that's a whole other story. Want to see something funny??? Click ME! :)

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