Saturday, May 4, 2013

Family Day.....

I love when my hunny just has a random bug to just GO somewhere. I live for moments that are unplanned. He doesn't like surprises so much so this rarely happens in our household. Its who I am though, for instant I really just enjoy packing up and moving or even talking a 12 hour car ride to somewhere.

I'm a hott mess of unplanned thoughts and destinations. True story, and this is his biggest peeve of me.

So anyways happy story we decided to take the girls to Fresno Dome. I have never been either so I was pretty excited to see something new and take lots of pictures of the girls, and him. Maybe even get a pic of me which RARELY happens. ha ha.

This was pretty cool, I had never seen this before. Dar said that it is an old wood dryer.

Fresno Dome :)

I love going up to the high country, because it is always green up there. Where I come from its always green so it makes me happy. Here in mid June everything is brown and dead. :(

Of course as always there is no picture of me..... maybe next time.

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