Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Building the garden.

2014 we moved.....

Great idea we said, everyone was happy and excited.

Then I realized I had to redo my entire garden :/ It was all OK in my mind, I got to do raised beds and I could make it prettier than the last garden.

Then I started actually "doing" it oh my gosh when is this ever going to be done!?!?!?

So basically I just built my beds and called it good.  Ill have to post pictures sometime or another when I get them off the old computer....

So anyways this season I was focusing on just getting the fence up. I new the beds were good, I didn't have any gophers no little varmints last year except for in the lower garden that wasn't wire protected. I was tired and I just wanted to plant my corn, and squash, and pumpkins.

I waited till the rainy season and I dug something of like 20 holes with my handy dandy hand held post hole digger. It went really quick. Like i did 5-7 poles a day and then got them set and called it a day. lol I was beat.

SOOOO here are some pictures of the progress, its nothing pretty but it prettier than the last garden. Will do a little flash back to present. :)

2012*** Ya its the little thing with the tin and wood. :)

2013*** Had my honey take the D3 and push a lower garden for all the yummy corn we grew that year, and added on to the upper garden, I cant seem to find a finished picture of it ended up something about 20x 40. the both of them each. 

2014*** pictures are stuck on old computer.....

2015***Mind you I was gather supplies from people that were just getting rid of things. Old wood, pallets, tin. We will be moving again and I didn't want to invest in good wood. When I have a home Im going to set everything in concrete and be permanent. Though this by far is still my best garden, its been compeletly fenced in since pictures, it has been 98% painted. It has a few more things to fix up. 

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