Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A couple cleaning tips you cant live without!

I'm one of those people that look at certain things to see if there clean when I go to someones house. I know I'm weird, but I cant help but wonder. I mean have you ever really "looked" at your stove burners how they have all that cooked and oh so goodness black cooked on crusty greatness. I growing up really disliked having to clean those things. I would scrub for what seemed like hours of my life, let them soak in super HOT water and nothing would ever get the black off. Oh and what I really love is the people that wrap them in aluminum foil, I know it keeps them clean but it makes me giggle. So I found that once a month I order pizza and I make sure its a non stove use night. I start by taking it apart and putting the burner plates in plastic sip lock baggies. I then put just a splash of ammonia in the bag and seal it up. I then place in the sink just in case something is to leak. Then let sit till the next morning or if there really bad a whole 24 hours but I find for me that 8-10 is good.

This is what I started with. You can tell which one I use 95% if the time.

Placing in there bags. I do 4 bags one for each burner plate.

I promise there the same ones just early morning sun. But look how pretty they are
Also when opening the bags open a window or go outside. Ammonia is super stinky!

Now for number 2. OK for the sake of seeing if this worked. I let my microwave get dirty. Drives me up the wall. I clean it every time I use it so I don't have to worry about it getting baked on. So take a microwave safe bowl, or measuring glass. Fill it with about 2 cups of water then I add about 1/2 - 1 cup of vinegar. Place in microwave and start cooking it for about 5 minutes. The steam that it creates just breaks up the old stuck on food and it wipes right off. If when the timer goes off let it sit in there and let it do its thing a little while longer. You will be AMAZED. No more putting your elbow into and bending your arm trying to get it clean. Here take a looky :

My little bits of food.

SUPER clean!
Love it! I hope that these help you too!

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