Monday, June 4, 2012

My reclaimed headboard

So growing up I have always had a head board. When I met Dar he wasn't raised the same way. He couldn't care if we had one or not. Made no difference to him. So finally I decided to just jump in feet first and see if I would sink or swim. Lucky me I swam. It turned out amazing and I love it! I couldn't be any happier. It took about 2 days with all the sanding I had to do, painting the fun stuff. Dalila helped me attach it to our bed while little Chloe was down for her nap. She was sooooo excited to work with the tools. She learned alot of names of the tools she was helping with too. I think every girl should know how to work with tools, change there oil, a flat tire. OR even rebuild a front end of there car. My dad taught me to be independent and that's how my daughters will be too!. Okay back to the headboard, and not memory lane :).
This is what I started with.

After I started sanding, my gosh did this door have many personality's. Yellow, white, green, pink, ha ha

And the outcome. Sanded nicely left some imperfections, wanted to keep a little of its history.

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