Monday, November 5, 2012

New things are coming out soon! .........

I'm trying something new tonight for dinner and I just cant wait to share the outcome. I have tried a couple new venison recipes that I will be sharing SOON! One has to do with back straps, I personally have never really been much of a fan for them. Though when talking to a relative he gave me a few pointers on how to remove the "gamey taste" I do believe it did the trick. I sooo enjoyed the back straps and will be enjoying them more often now. :) Also I did a Beef-n-noodle version but with venison and a few other added ingredients that I don't normally put in my beef-n-noodle dinner. But it was sooo delicious!

Stay tuned for the updated post to be coming out! recipes included. Please also take a moment and leave a comment. I would love to here if you enjoy what I share! Also let me know what you may want to hear about???

The more I learn everyday the closer we are to be less in debt, more money in our savings, and living off the land that is provided for us. I wish I would have learned more sooner and been a little more opened minded when I was younger.

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