Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The chicken that layed the egg.....

I was recently asked if all my girls were still laying? Why yes they are, though I know my black hens are laying some were else that I cant find. She asked how I knew it was them that weren't laying in the nest. I said each girl lays there own type of egg, shape, and color. She was in aww really???

So the other day I brought down my pack of eggs. I began showing her each egg and comparing the differences. I proceeded with:

  • Mamas~~ eggs are small and dainty and the lightest in color
  • Elma's~~ eggs are just a little bigger and a little darker in color
  • Peanut Butters~~ eggs are these nice tanish brown ones a little large in size but more longatetide
  • My no named Black hen~~ eggs are the largest by far, with a white base with tan specks all over, you have to look close sometimes to see the speckles.

So there you have it every chicken lays there own egg. :)

Enjoy and please leave some love. 

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