Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bird feeders :)

So the other day I decided that the girls, Dar, and I were going to make some pine cone bird feeders. Lets just say they turned out great and the girls had a blast making them!

They really didn't take to long, I mean the hard/messy part was just covering them in peanut butter. I always save a few coffee cans so that was easy. I put a little bird seed, well in our chase some chicken scratch which i refer to as "chicken crack" they go crazy when I bring that stuff out. Anyways I poured some into the coffee can and place the peanut butter covered pine cone in and then let the girls shake to there little hearts desires. All in all we had a bunch of fun.

Though I warned the girls it might take a couple days for the birds to find it. Well the day they finally did, I had about 20 little birds all over our deck. It was a nice site and the girls watched for ever!

The collected targets :)

Dalila working hard.

Chloe getting it done.

The finished products

All ready for the birdies

One of our visitors :)

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