Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Update......

So as far as the Sustainable Eats Challenge is going, we our right on track. Everything is being reused in someway or another. Getting composted, or given to Mr. Jumpsalot if hes aloud to eat it. :) So the soil building area is covered for the month also. Getting a tiller soon so I can really mix it up with the garden area. Cant wait!

We have been getting our seeds ready for this up coming spring. I have marked on the calendar recently when I shall be starting things indoors, moving things outdoors, and planting directly into the earth. I'm super excited for the fact that I have the Mr.'s kinda excited to help out! Were expanding our garden by hmmmm, ALOT! Ill take pictures as we go through the expansion progress.

Also we our getting ready for the goats. I have been walking around the property scoping out areas to fence off there pin. Its not going to be a little pin, there going to be spoiled I will tell you that now. I was going to start building there house this week, but the weather took a spin towards the colder side. So that will have to wait a little while or Ill just man up and get out there.

Mr. was actually talking about wanting to raise some pigs. I wasn't expecting for him to say this so I had to take a step back. Though I'm all for it so yeah. Whatever gets him involved :). Have I mentioned that I have a bit of a pig themed kitchen, lol. I have had a pig obsession since I was 12, lets just end it at that.

Holy EGGS! that's all I have to say. They have been laying for alittle over a month now. I have been keeping track on the calendar daily of how many eggs I receive. It was for a couple weeks about 1 egg, 1 egg, then 3 eggs and again. Then its turned into 3 eggs , 5 eggs, 4 eggs and then the cycle repeats and that's were we are at now. So for having 7 chickens that's alot of eggs I think. Though this coming March we are adding to our chicken family by alot.

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