Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update~ I didnt know that you could regrow!

Wow! Have things been crazy around here lately. Digging out the area for the garden (pictures and post to come), keeping up with the daily house chores, raising two kiddos, and trying out new things to help myself and other Mamas or Dada's tackle house chores in half the time.

So if you haven't seen the before pictures of what I am about to show you then you can catch up with this post :  *My Life*: I didnt know that you could regrow! :)

So it has been six day since I took the scraps of everything, and some things have really taken off! Like I said on day one the Green Onions started to grow immediately. Theres a real bang for your buck just cut what you need off let it continue to grow in water. Mine is about 3- 4 inches long in a matter of six days. I think I'm going to have to trim some off and top a loaded baked potato. Mmmm Yummy :)

The Garlic on the other hand I don't think it likes me. My kitchen smells of Garlic. It hasn't rooted yet or even look like it may try to sprout. I will give it a little while longer, till it turns to mush I guess. I do know that you can start Garlic in your produce draw in your fridge I have done that plenty of times!

Carrots! hurray they have started rooting, growing new tops and loving my kitchen window. I think with them I will wait a week or two more until I transfer them into a deep pot or out into the garden.

Romaine Lettuce is just a growing! Its about 1-2 inches tall all ready. I was amazed at how quickly it grew.
So enough with the talking here are the newest pictures:


Carrots, Stinky Garlic :), Green Onions, and Romaine Lettuce

Carrots, Stinky Garlic :), Green Onions, and Romaine Lettuce

So come next week I will be adding in an avocado to the mix, I finally went out and bought one today. Also my mother in law told me a story about how she threw a bad onion down the hill one day. As she was weed eating around her property she came across that same onion sitting on top of the ground. It had rooted itself and has this amazingly pretty flower on it. So I bought an Onion today also and the girls and I will plant it so we can see what this pretty flower looks like. :) Come back for another update next week!

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