Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Busy with Life!

I have been super super busy, with wanting nothing to do but go to bed when I come home. I am sorry for not taking five minutes and sharing. SO on to the latest, Didn't know that you could regrow. I totally take back what I said I wouldn't do it. I started trying to cook with what was regrowing, the texture is awful. feels funny, taste different. All in all it was fun for the girls to be excited and watch how you could regrow somethings, but I really don't recommend eating it.

FINALLY finished the garden will be posting pics later today hopefully. Fingers crossed. :) I think it looks amazing and it only cost me about $4.00 which was even more amazing. Since I reused alot of what was around the house, and went and bugged the in law and grandparents for things they didn't need anymore. I like to think of it as shabby chic which is just my style. lol. Cant wait to post the pictures.

Went to the rodeo this past Sunday, took the girls for there first time. I don't think they were having to much fun. They loved the horses, but that was about it. Even sitting in the shade they seemed to be restless and just asking to go home. I do believe that Dalila will be wanting to try out for the mutton buster next year though, she seemed pretty excited. For those who don't know what this is. Little kids between the ages 4-7 jump on to a sheep and hold on for dear life. Its pretty cute to watch.

I was doing laundry a little bit ago and thought of an amazingly great idea for my craft area, in the basement. So I'm going to have to ask the better half how I would go about it. This way it wont really look like a basement all to much. Our basement is what you think of when you think of a basement. Its unfinished and not pretty. So I am super excited for him to get home today.

Just had another amazing idea, cant wait to get these done and post pictures! EEK :)

OK so I'm going to get back to my day, get the girls ready and see what I can get done, see y'all later!!!!

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