Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicken Coop What!!! :)

Super excited that I was able to move the girls out there this week! NOW I'm working on there run. It may take a little bit. I have to water the dirt so that I can even think about digging! IT is as hard as a rock. Here is some pictures of the process. Don't judge I'm a mother of 2 not a contractor, I also have limited building experience. Biggest thing to date that I have done 99% on my own. Had a little help from my wonderful sunshine for being my frame holder, while I nailed it together. :)

Enjoy....more to come.

The plot that I chose.

Peaches checking out the progress.

The concrete I used as the floor.

Zeta saying good morning.

The bones.

Starting to look like something.

Dalila wanted the coop to be pink. So we did the inside pink.

Got the roof up, filled the holes, gave it a rain test. Leak FREE!

Getting her first coat of paint. Looks sooo much better. Oh look our baby pumpkins :)

Built me a door and hung it!

Moved the girls in and gave them a temporary fence.

Soo happy!

Would you like to see the whole story of our little coop??? Check out the story from the beginning

Making room with something old

Demo....for making our chicken coop

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