Monday, December 10, 2012

A 2 year old went after my couch

Can we say PANIC ATTACK!!! So I was cleaning my girls playroom out, and right as I dove in head first literally ( Ill have to take a picture so you have an idea of were I was, lol ). So just as I was getting comfy and going threw all of the toys. I hear Dalila say " MOM, Chloe is coloring on your couch with a BLUE PEN!" So not the words that I ever wanted to hear. I couldn't get out of that playroom fast enough. So this is what I saw, and the girls saw me with my hands on my face about to cry. :(

SO I immediately ran downstairs trying to think of what I could do or use. I thought of shout it works on my clothes why not my cough.

Mistake number 1. Made the pen MORE visible didn't bleed at all which was a relief.

So I googled my little heart out. The results I found on how to remove this was of all things. " HAIRSPRAY" with a puzzled look. It never really said to use the aerosol, or the kind that globs out. SO I used what I had and the results were amazing!
Also on a side note: You may have to leave your house for a couple hours afterward, it gets quiet overwhelming and may cause a headache :)

After I sprayed shout on the mark... Oops

The not so bad of it all.

For some reason I can not add the after photos. It turned out sooo well, you can not even see where it was. Soooo happy with the outcome! Thank you google. I hope that this helps you all.

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