Friday, January 11, 2013

NO spend January.... FAIL

It is just not our month to try and do this, before I knew it January was here. I didn't even get a chance to set some rules up for us. To be honest we have to much stuff to buy this month and probably the next few months. I WILL be doing a no spend month just not sure what month.

Between having to buy seeds for this years garden, and preparing for the addition of goats to our family. I have to build them a run and house, buying lots of fencing which that's really a chunk of money I will forking out. I really have lots of left overs (wood wise) from my chicken coop build .

So other than that I just wanted to write this, to let you know I didn't forget. I just couldn't do it! FAIL F- :(

 However I am still doing the Urban Farm Book Challenge . Which I am preparing for all this month, and will be starting in February. So check back often for updates! Reclaiming my life one day at a time. The less I have to give away, and the more I learn about where my food comes from makes me a happy camper. I also don't feel guilty about what I'm feeding my family. :) MAJOR +

So please like my page, follow me, leave a comment I would love to hear feed back, also let me know what you want to know. Ill give it a try!  Thanks.

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